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Research Projects

Current Projects

  • Radar Sensors
  • RF Positioning
  • Wireless Power Transmission and Energy Harvesting
  • High Efficiency Power Amplifier for Digital Radio
  • High Frequency Devices and Circuits in Nanotechnologies
  • High Efficiency Electronics for Plasma Generation

Past Projects

  • 20GHz GaN Wideband Receiver
    • Sponsored by Office of Naval Research
    • Collaboration with University of Hawaii and Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Bandwidth-Efficient Modulation for High Speed Interconnect
    • Sponsored by ITRI ERSO, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  • High Frequency Electronic Device Characterization System
    • Sponsored by NSF
  • High-Density 3-D Packaging Technology for RF Devices
    • Sponsored by Air Force Research Laboratory
    • A multi-university-industry project with collaborators ITC, U. of Arkansas, and NCSU
  • High-Frequency Electronic Device Characterization System
    • Sponsored by NSF under Grant # 0421218
  • Hydrogen Sensors and System
    • Sponsored by NASA
  • Hydrogen Sensing System
    • Sponsored by Florida DEP and UF OTL
  • Low Power Phase Shift Modulator for RF Subsystem Research
    • Partly Sponsored by DARPA
  • Non-Contact Energy Delivery for PV System
    • Sponsored by Florida Energy Systems Consortium
  • Planar Wireless Power Transfer System
    • Sponsored by WiPower Inc and FHTCC
  • Wireless Power Transmission
    • Sponsored by NASA