Mingqi Chen

Mingqi Chen

Office:      513 New Engineering Building

Email:       Click here

Research Interests

  • Radio frequency systems
  • Frequency synthesizers


  • PhD program, Electrical Engineering
  • University of Florida
  • GPA=4.0/4.0
  • Master of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Hawaii Manoa
  • Thesis: Silicon CMOS IC Implementation of Heart Rate Extraction
  • Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Peking University, Beijing, China
  • Thesis: A Tunable Ultra-low Noise & Ripple Current Source nd A Temperature Controller

Research & Industry Experience

  • Bell Labs, Lucent, Murray Hill, NJ — Intern
    • Project: Cellular RF In-Building Distribution System through Ethernet network.
    • Frequency synthesizers (PLL) of RX & TX.
  • EE Dept., University of Florida — Research Assistant
    • A 14-band low-power OFDM UWB frequency synthesizers (PLL) in UMC 0.13.
    • A 0.1-20GHz low-power LNA in UMC 90nm using Cadence.
  • EE Dept., University of Hawaii Manoa — Research Assistant
    • Project: Baseband SoC of Heart Rate Detection and Monitoring
      • Analog signal processing systems on chip for heart beat sensors in AMIS 0.5um using Cadence (opamps, comparators, integrators, peak detectors & sample-hold circuits).
      • An active BPF with 36-80dB tunable gain in AMIS 0.5um (BW=0.3-50Hz).
      • An ASIC of heart rate monitoring with an efficient data-storage algorithm that enables a single chip to store 36-hour heart rate data in IBM 0.18um using Synopsys-VHDL.
      • An ASIC of real-time heart rate extraction in AMIS 0.5um using Synopsys-VHDL.
    • Project: 1-3GHz Wideband SOCOM Miniature Quickscan Receiver in CMOS.
      • A 1-3GHz SPDT switch in TSMC 0.25um using ADS and Cadence (Insertion Loss<1dB).
      • A 1-3GHz passive ring mixer in TSMC 0.25um using ADS and Cadence.
  • EE Dept., Peking University — Research Assistant
    • A 0-600mA tunable ultra-low noise & ripple current source and a temperature controller (ripple/noise = 0.00002%, long-term stability < 10%/khrs).

Course Projects

  • High data rate transmitted reference pulse correlation transceiver in TSMC 0.18 using ADS.
  • A 5th-order Chebyshev Gm-C LPF with IM3 below -60dB in TSMC 0.25 using Cadence.
  • A 8-bit switched-capacitor DAC in TSMC 0.25 using Cadence.
  • A low-power packet generator with PN sequence modulation for UWB in TSMC 0.25 using Cadence.
  • A low-power 1-Gbps dual-supply double-edge-triggered carry propagate adder in TSMC 0.25 using Cadence.
  • A 6×6 SRAM in TSMC 0.25 using Cadence.
  • An ASIC for heart rate extraction in AMIS 0.5 using VHDL (Synopsys).
  • A VCO (1MHz-10MHz) in AMIS 0.50 using Cadence.
  • A 5-GHz oscillator on PCB.
  • MATLAB codes of EM field distribution using FD, FDTD & Method of Moment (MoM).