Raul Chinga

Raul Chinga

Office:      513 New Engineering Building

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Research Interests

  • Wireless Power
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Radio Frequency
  • Plasma Generation
  • Green Energy


  • I am originally from Lima, Peru. I attended high school in Miami, FL and then moved to Gainesville to attend UF. I received my BS in Electrical Engineering in 2008 and currently pursuing my PhD. My first project under Dr. Lin’s supervision was wireless power transmission. Later on, I became involved in plasma generation for medical applications, which is still my main research focus. Recently, I had the opportunity to continue my work in WPT technology.
  • As stated above, I am also interested in alternative energy technology. I would like to apply my skills towards the development of new alternative and renewable energy applications. I am a student member of Citizens for Clean Energy, this group is a coalition of leaders, organizations and citizens who are committed to support education and public policy change to advance clean energy jobs and technologies in the state of Florida.
  • Finally, I am an active member of the USA Triathlon Team. This is a hobby which I started when I joined the PhD program. I have had the opportunity to participate in multiple races in the past three years, allowing me to visit various cities around the state of Florida.

Research Work

  • Wireless Power: I have worked on the development of a wireless charging system for consumer electronics. This system operated at 240kHz, capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously, as well as a laptop. Currently, I am working on a WPT system operating at 13.56MHz, the goal is to deliver power (several watts) at a distance of at least half a meter.
  • Plasma: Currently, I am working on a system able to generate plasma on a “sterilizing surface”. This is achieved by producing a high voltage swing across an electrode (about 12,000 V) using a power amplifier. The purpose of this is to be able to sterilize medical tools (i.e. scalpel) within minutes using low power. Ultimately, this technology will be portable with potential to be used in recovery effort situations, like the Haiti earthquake. A prototype has been developed and the goal of the project is to release a commercial product in the near future.


  • USPTO Provisional Patent Application 61/059,663: Method and Apparatus for Wireless Power Transfer, filed on June 6, 2008.
  • UF Invention Disclosure #12814.
  • US Provisional Patent Application 61/580,083: Portable Power Supply Unit for Plasma Sterilization, filed on December 23, 2011. UF Invention Disclosure #13807.

Honors and Awards

  • Bridge to the Doctorate Fellowship
  • Honorable Mention (Graduate Research Fellowship by NSF)