EEE 6374, Spring 2015
Radio Frequency Circuits and Systems

Dr. Jenshan Lin
NEB 559
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Class Time and Room

T 7 (1:55-2:45pm) R 7-8 (1:55-3:50pm) @NEB 201

Office Hours

T 8 (3:00-4:00pm) W 7 (2:00-3:00pm) R 9 (4:00-5:00pm) @ NEB 559
EDGE students: contact by email (preferred) or phone 352-392-4929
Teaching Assistant
Class Website
on E-Learning (Sakai)
My own lecture notes, plus two recommended textbooks:
Recommended: Pozar, Microwave and RF Design of Wireless Systems
Recommended: Razavi, RF Microelectronics, 2/E
The course objective is to let students learn:
- Overall picture of RFIC and wireless systems
- RFIC specifications and system specifications
- Transceiver architectures

- How to derive RFIC specifications from wireless communication standards
- Design and simulation of RF transceivers using EDA tools
Click the link to get more information about this course:
RF Overview – Definition of RF and FCC Regulations
RF Propagation and Antennas
Wireless Standards, Digital Modulations
RF System-Level Specifications
Noise and Linearity in Receiver
RF Transceiver Architectures – Receiver and Transmitter
RF System Design EDA Tutorial
RFIC Specifications, Case Study
Emerging Applications
Overview of RFIC Technologies, Packaging, and System Integration
RF Testing – Spectrum Analyzer


Homework/Quiz: 25% (Late submitted homework will not be graded. Random in-class quizzes.)
Exam #1: 25%
(2/17. EDGE students: 2/17-2/23, schedule and complete the exam with your proctor within this time window.)
#2: 25% (4/7, EDGE students: 4/7-4/13, schedule and complete the exam with your proctor within this time window.)
Final Project Report and Presentation: 25% (Due 4/21. Assignment will be announced after Exam #1)
No Final Exam.
Exam makeups can only be scheduled before the exam with appropriate justifications and supporting documents.

Points to Letter Grade conversion:
[90, 100] A

[86.67, 90) A-

[83.33, 86.67) B+

[80, 83.33) B

[76.67, 80) B-

[73.33, 76.67) C+

[70, 73.33) C

[66.67, 70) C-

[63.33, 66.67) D+

[60, 63.33) D

[0, 60) F

Note: In order to graduate, graduate students must have an overall GPA and an upper-division GPA of 3.0 or better (B or better).  Note: a B- average is equivalent to a GPA of 2.67, and therefore, it does not satisfy this graduation requirement.  For more information on grades and grading policies, please visit:

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Updated January 5, 2015